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Charlie Shiels
B 1947 England

The preferred subject matter for much of my work is social meeting places; English pubs and European and American Cafe bars, restaurants and grand hotels, etc, as these provide and ideal opportunity for discreet observation. I am especially interested in the subtly of facial expressions, body language, human interaction and quirky architectural details. Although the paintings often focus on sometimes bizarre characters in strangely distorted locations, the images are good humoured and affectionate. Another interest I have is the effects of light - be it dazzling Mediterranean sunlight or the more subdued effects of Northern Light on interiors.

Charlie Shiels - Artist

There are a wide range of artists that I admire ranging from Rembrandt, Carvaggio, Vermeer, the German Expressionists; Stanley Spencer, Edward Burra, L.S. Lowry up to and including the background artists of Walt Disney.

I am currently based in Manchester, England but have periodically set up studio in Spain. Upon completion of a Fine Art degree, I taught in the Faculty of Art & Design at Stockport College for a period of 10 years, until 1996, when I left to devote myself to full time painting. Work is held in many private collection in the U.K. Europe, the USA and the Far East.

Originals and Prints by Charlie Shiels


The Tailor Shop
The Ticket Lady